Creative Simplicity

The AYRES Profiles & Assembly Accessories are an integral component of the AYRES Lightweight Panel Systems. It provides a labour efficient and aesthetically enhancing assembly method and completes the AYRES Lightweight Panel Systems approach. It consists of several profiles and assembly accessories to suit 6, 10, 20, 30 and 40mm panels.


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6mm Profiles
Internal Corner
ACP82688 End Cap
10mm Profiles
ACP131 End Cap
ACP83110 Channel
ACP80991 End Stop Short Leg
ACP81665 L Section
ACP8587 Cabinet Door Jamb
ACP81567 Cabinet Door Jamb with Retainer
ACP83217 Corner Post
ACP81679 Corner Post Shallow Fi
ACP130 Joiner
20mm Profiles
ACP80360 End Cap
ACP83114 Channel Shallow
ACP81248 Channel Deep
ACP81247 T Section
ACP8667 Shelf Edge
ACP82896 H Joiner Shallow
ACP81520 H Joiner Deep
ACP83108 Corner Post
ACP81636 Corner Joiner
ACP81587 L Section
ACP2854 Cabinet Door Jamb
ACO81566 Cabinet Door Jamb with Retainer
20mm Door System
ACP80197 Door Stile
ACP81664 Threshold
ACP250439 Door Jamb Joiner
ACP83220 Door Jamb
ACP2509 Felt Brush Pile
ACP2510 Countersunk Posi Drive S/S Screws
30mm Profiles
ACP83107 Table Edge Flush Surface
40mm Profiles
ACP83111 End Cap
ACP83112 H Joiner
ACP83345 Corner Post
Universal Profiles
ACP80356 Internal Joiner (Suitable for Panels 10mm and over)
ACP816131 Bead Strip Seated Tongue
ACP80361 Corner Trim
ACP81665 L Section (10mm)
ACP81587 L Section (20mm)
ACP81588 135 ̊ Angle
ACP81662 Sealing Strip Retaine
Skirting Sytem
ACP83072 Skirting (60mmx6.7)
ACP83071 Skirting Fixing Cap
ACP1705 Corner Piece
AYRLITE® Skirting System
ACP3073 Skirting Cap LH
ACP3074 Skirting Cap RH
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10mm Assembly Accessories
ACP1432 External Corner
ACP1434 Internal Corner
ACP1435 Corner Cap
ACP1603 Way Joiner
ACP1604 Internal Joiner
20mm Assembly Accessory
ACP1532A External Corner
ACP1534 Internal Corner
ACP1602 Corner Cap
ACP1603 3 Way Joiner
ACP1604 Internal Joiner
ACP1605 Shelf Edge Corner
ACP1606 Corner Cap (suitable for ACP81636)
ACP1607 Corner Cap (Mitre Cut)
30mm Assembly Accessory
ACP1701 Table Edge Corner
40mm Assembly Accessory
ACP1832 External Corner
ACP1831 Corner Cap
ACP16033 Way Joiner
ACP1604 Internal Joiner

Tech Data


  • Aluminium alloy 6063 T5
  • Suits 6mm, 10mm and 30mm
  • Standard profile length is 4,900mm. Half length of 2,440mm are also available
  • Clear anodized finish, 10um thickness


  • AYRLITE honeycomb panels are assembled with profiles using polyurethane adhesive e.g. Sikaflex 291. For ACP81247 and ACP80356 the AYRLITE aluminium honeycomb panel edges are slotted to accept the profile tongue
  • An AYRLITE Assembly & Fabrication Techniques DVD is available on request