AYRLITE® 2071 achieves very high sound absorption without using combustible materials, or conventional fibrous sound absorption materials. It is able to reduce the interior noise and improve the interior acoustic quality.
The peak absorption frequency of AYRLITE® 2071 can be tailored to the frequency range required, simply by selecting an appropriate panel thickness. The absorptive frequency range can be adjusted to as low as 250Hz, where effective sound absorption is difficult to achieve using traditional materials.
Sound absorption coefficients to AS/ISO 354-2006 are shown in the graph below. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): AYRLITE® 2071 | FLAT   0.50 AYRLITE® 2071 | CORR  0.75 Panel Weighted Sound Absorbing Coefficient: AYRLITE® 2071 | FLAT   0.15 L,M AYRLITE® 2071 | CORR  0.60 M
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